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iTriage = I triage the situation myself, so I can take better actions

Access, language, and content complexity prevent people from obtaining actionable information. offers simple and unique solutions based on self-triaging.

Triaging is a rapid, approximate assessment of given situations. It is less thorough but much quicker than diagnosis. A small number of yes-no questions are often sufficient to determine the course of actions, particularly in situations with limited resources, i.e. time, skills, supplies and equipments.

vTriage (Voice Triage) is an automated telephone self-help tool. A quick yes-no Q&A via voice or keypads helps users prioritize action possibilities based on the situation assessment. For currently available services, please see

mTriage (Mobile Triage) is a mobile self-help tool. The interaction is similar to vTriage except that it is through mobile browser. For currently available services, please see

With vTriage and mTriage, anyone can self-triage the situation at anytime, anywhere, in order to make informed decisions without wasting time and money.

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